Available services


As an experienced developer, I can advise you about the future of your software and which direction to steer it to stay relevant. I can guide your team towards that goal by implementing best practices, automated testing and to set up continous integration so these improvements make it to production.

Moving to the cloud

When lift and shift falls short, it can be advantageous to look into more sustainable and cost efficient ways to utilise the cloud. With my expertise, I can help you plan and execute your move.


This brings my skills into your development team as I will be working side by side with them to improve the system.

Training and coaching

If your developers’ knowlegde falls a bit short on a specific topic, I can train them in a classroom setting. Afterwards, I follow up by visiting several times over the following weeks to answer any additional questions specific to your codebase. My most prominent knowledge is in automated testing and back-end architecture, but I can prepare specific training tailored to your needs.

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