My mission

The mission of More Than Code, my mission, is to improve the quality of software. When the quality of a codebase improves, the quality of the product improves as well. Features can be implemented more easily and with less bugs. I want to achieve this mission by adhering to my values. Values I think are shared by many other developers in the community.

I am reliable and punctual

I keep my promises, even if there is no contract involved. I have let interesting projects pass me by because I promised current and previous clients that I would stay with them to see work I do for them through. This also means that I have never had to reschedule a meeting from my end. Both your and my time are much too valuable for that.

I write quality software

All developers want to create quality software. I am convinced that the road to this end result is paved with a thorough set of automated tests. To ensure that the software is properly delivered, a continous delivery mechanism needs to be set up.

Unfortunately, I do (sporadically) make mistakes. That is why I try to continuously improve not only the code I work on, but myself as well. I apply a lot of refactorings throughout the code that I write to make it cleaner and more readable. I also apply a lot of refactoring to myself by reading blog posts, attending training and listening to the feedback I receive.

I have a positive attitude

I live life with a can-do attitude and start the day with a smile on my face, even before I had coffee. That does not mean, however, that every feature request will be accepted. It does mean that that every challenge has a solution and I will look in and out of the box to find an elegant solution. I do this because every feature that is added, adds complexity and more code to maintain. That is why it’s important to keep the overarching problem in mind and to keep working towards that goal.

In short, I work alongside your business to solve your problem in an efficient and maintainable way.